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Will I need special software to view my vehicles?
No! All that is required is a PC with internet access. After installation, contact us for activation. Provide us a user name and password for you  to login at our web interface and check your vehicle information. Will I need special software to view my vehicles?

Will I be able to see history replay of the vehicle?
All of the data is archived in a database for a minimum of 6 months so that you can see it, run reports, reach your conclusions about where the vehicles was, how long it was there, how fast it went along the way and much more.

What types of reports are available?
The most common report used is history, which is a record of all activity from the units. This report shows the time the unit reported in, location. speed, direction and any alerts that were reported.

Is your product real time?
The eDrive transmissions are available for viewing within seconds of being sent from the units.

Is eDrive effective?
eDrive has an impressive SCADA Technology and have the centralize system. Due to this the grip on vehicles is more accurate and reliable.

In what cities eDrive system work?
The eDrive system works in any city in the Pakistan. How often you are able to receive data from your vehicles depends upon the data access transmission option you choose. For example, you may receive data on a real-time continuous basis if you install the eDrive system because it the primary communication infrastructure for the eDrive system is the GPRS or GSM wireless network platform. When your vehicles are traveling in GPRS enabled areas, all information is being tracked and transmitted real-time. If your vehicles happen to leave a GPRS or GSM coverage area, the eDrive unit continues to record all pre-assigned data parameters and which can be downloaded once the vehicle returns to the GPRS enabled network area.

Is eDrive system works in Non GPRS Area?
The eDrive system works in dual channel connectivity. In an emergency or in normal mode where the GPRS is not available for real time access it automatically transfers to GSM data mode to locate the vehicle on time.

How I know my eDrive unit is working?
eDrive the top of the line product with many interesting features, you can simply ask for your current location by calling any time from any where our 24 hours operational eDrive Control Room on (042) 111-eDrive(337483)

Can eDrive be installed to all vehicles?
Yes, it can be installed in all brands like Daihatsu, Honda, Hyundai, KIA, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Toyota and even the latest electronically configured vehicles such as Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, etc

Can eDrive unit be transferred from one vehicle to another?
Yes, the eDrive unit is your property for your asset security possible to shift from one vehicle to any other of your vehicle by giving some nominal installation charges.

What is the difference between eDrive and others?
eDrive system is the most advance SCADA base system in the Market. It is real time GPRS base design. It is dual channel system has the capability to shift itself automatically from GPRS to SMS

Can eDrive system connect with CAM?
Yes with eDrive Technology special and unique feature in Pakistan introduce one package eD-Cam with live photograph of your vehicle inside cabin and store all the images in database server.

What mapping design does your product utilize?
With eDrive Technology you can locate your vehicle in now Satellite base Maps which is powered by Google. Now for better understanding of our valued customers we are giving you the current location of your vehicle on web base real time access.

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