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Vehicle Tracking
E 1000 E 2000 E 3000 E CAM
GPS/GSM/GPRS Tri Band in one unit / Air time Traffic Control
eDrive Technology can auto switch between GSM and GPRS mode, based on GPRS radio coverage Support GSM Data / GSM SMS /GSM Voice

eDrive Technology Online

eDrive Technology offers cost effective web base solution and support to allow "hands-on control" to enhance fleet operations on your computer screen at home or anywhere in the world. An investment in our system will provide a tangible return by improving efficiency and productivity, which will result in improved customer service and increased profits.

Vehicle protection

Vehicle thefts cost insurance agencies and car owners billions of amount in damages each year. The E-drive Technology System is specifically designed to detect and minimize losses due to criminal activities. The system is designed to report events automatically and in real-time, for quick response with our own vehicle recovery team.

External Systems Connection

The eDrive Technology System is connected to a variety of products from seals of oil tankers protection to fuel level reading real time in the vehicle.  

Fuel Tank Level Reading

Not only GPS data, E-drive Technology can send remote fuel tank level reading back to server in real-time. All fuel reading information geo coded with location, time, speed (GPS navigation information) for server analysis.

High Sensitivity Motion Sensor support
Detect car motion or stop status (engine on or off, without connect wire to car ignition) Automatic send car start or stop event depends on car motion status Support device power on/power off function by motion status to save power consumption. When vehicle is in stop status, internal motion sensor can power off GPS and GMS modem to save power consumption and air traffic. When vehicle in moving, internal motion sensor can power on hardware to continue work More internal control logic depends on motion sensor status.

Adjustable Shock Sensor/Vibration Sensor
When vehicle is in arm mode or in guard state the vibration sensor or car movement sends alarm to control center and also have the facility to immobilize the vehicle automatically.

Battery Operation Support
The eDrive system use very low power design. GPS and Modem can be turn off or turn on from remote to save power. It also supports auto battery charge circuit from external power source. It sends an alarm when external power source cut off.

eD CAM Live Video Interface Support

GPS Map and Live Video Image, bring vehicle tracking system to a high stage application. It supports real time live video image send back to server with high quality image up to 320*240 true color image resolution with night mode option.

Precision Temperature Sensor Measurement Support

Support external temperature sensor range up to -50C to 130C precision up to +-0.5C. It is water proof and support liquid temperature measurement. Is also supports 4 to 8 temperature sensors used at the same time in one device. It is widely deployed in frozen food cargo.

Geo Fencing support

User can define multiple fences for multiple regions by using E-drive Technology Solution. Each region can map to different alerts or action to support car immobilization in different zone for car security. When vehicles go inside or outside of any polygon or defined radius, user setting actions can be taken automatically. User action include enable or disable alerts or action, send SMS or GPRS data to server and user by sending SMS or emails. All the regions data are remote editable to reduce and maintain cost.

Personal Tracking

This is the most advance feature first time in Pakistan of personal tracking. It is used as a general mobile phone and also for the activity of sales and recovery department real time movement tracking. It also has the facility of SOS emergency alert and two way communication.

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